Welcome to The DEN

Located at the NW corner of the W Downtown

DEN is a co-working space that inspires creativity by integrating real estate concierge services and art.

Prophets of Synesthesia

Works by Golden Dawn Arkestra

Arkestra is a multi-media art installation exhibiting visual works such as hanging sculpture, sound activation, viewing stations, photography, textile artifacts and objects.


Photographs by Hunter Barnes

The subject matter spans over a decade of calculated wandering that took place from 2000 – 2010 during which Barnes traveled the country and immersed himself into different niche and often dangerous...


Works by Jennifer Lane

The prints in this series are made from small automatic paintings that draw from prehistoric art including Eastern and Near Eastern figurines as well as iconography.

Tomorrow’s flames are already burning

Works by Tom Jean Webb

Webb’s work is powerful in its simplistic expression. The gentle aesthetic symbols mixed in various mediums and color palettes combine to create an ephemeral and strong visual statement unique to th...

MY PARTY: Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Falling in Love (24" x 24", oil on board)

My Party is an upcoming exhibition of paintings and drawings by the Los Angeles based acclaimed director, writer, and artist Michael Lindsay-Hogg,

Feminine Landscapes: Dagny Piasecki

Flat Top by Dagny Piasecki

In her photographs, her living subjects move with strength and fluidity. They command attention, unleash their raw force and envelope their environment.

Feminine Landscapes: Wynn Myers

Madrono Ranch by Wynn Myers

Wynn's portraits of women emote a sense of intimacy and thoughtfulness aiming to capture the essence of the person not just their physical form.

Sam Schonzeit: Five Years in Marfa

Untitled (Spray Foam) 2013

The works in this show are indicative or emblematic of a sort of schizophrenic practice that Sam Schonzeit has developed and indulged in during his five years in Marfa, Texas.

Found: Photographs of The Rolling Stones

Mick (1965)

Recently found in an unmarked box at a Los Angeles flea market, these historically invaluable prints provide a glimpse into a frenetic and nomadic era..the beginning of rock and roll culture.

Lostbound Memory: Joe Ely

Songwriter (1977-1982) by Joe Ely

LOSTBOUND MEMORY explores the narrative of two generations of gypsies and their parallel yet distinct interpretations of a world based on the nomadic principles of rock and roll culture.

Lostbound Memory: Marie Ely

Trailer by Marie Ely

Marie's work encapsulates deep earthy moods accented by light and spectrums of color culminating to evoke a pure sensual aesthetic.


Drew Liverman


Liverman’s work is lucid and elegant, examining the simple and mundane moments in our lives that often go frequently overlooked. He approaches his work intuitively with an aesthetic that at first glance would seem incomplete, unbalanced and quite literally rough around the edges. With images reduced to single colors, curious applications of paint, and an emphasis on materials such as burlap and denim, Liverman is intentionally delineating from traditional methods to see beyond prevailing concepts of perfection and still find beauty. His talent at combining the unconventional to create an intimacy within his work is worth experiencing. 

Christopher Jon Schroeder

Christopher Jon Schroeder’s highly energetic and dynamic oil paintings demonstrate the culmination of three decades of dedication to his craft. His use of bold, dramatic brush strokes and colorful layers of paint create a body of work that melds both the figurative and the abstract. Shortly after formally pursuing his art career, Schroeder was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder that led him on a philosophical journey and influenced his thoughts on the critical analysis of art. 

Jennifer Lane

Art at The DEN - Jennifer Lane

Jennifer Lane was born in Dallas, Texas during the month of August. An artist and filmmaker, her films, collages, and drawings have been exhibited at the UCLA Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, the Castillo Di Rivoli in Turin, the Austin Film Society, the Royal College of Art in London, the Miami International Film Festival, and on Japanese television.

Artist Bio
Past Exhibit

Tom Jean Webb

Tom Jean Webb - Artist Bio

"My work started off as an interest in aesthetics of social movements. The art was created as a means to represent a social message or way of life. I became interested in telling my own story, a creation of a new era or society with its own objects based on a personal expression of internal issues and social commentary, designing and developing my own symbols and imagery in order to suggest a message."

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Michael Lindsay-Hogg

“In the last 20 years or so, maybe because of a sense of stability that my marriage has given me, and also I’ve got a place to do it, I’ve started with oils, and I still draw every day, and there are several thousand by now.” 

Past Exhibit

 Dagny Piasecki

"I have been shooting since my mother handed down her 35mm camera to me at the age of 15. Shooting for over a decade now, my love affair with photography is a never-ending journey. Studying at both St. Edwards University and Texas State University has expanded my interest in the medium."

Past Exhibit

Wynn Myers

Myers’ photographs are saturated color files of moments. Her portraits of women emote a sense of intimacy and thoughtfulness aiming to capture the essence of the person not just their physical form. Her landscapes and more abstract work acknowledge the purpose of the image to aesthetically stimulate while simultaneously acting as a visual archive. 

Past Exhibit

Sam Schonzeit

"How, as adults, can we stay fresh? How can we produce anew? How can we explore? How can we continue to play? Why must adulthood be a push to deepen rather than broaden? Why must an artist be required to rigorously work toward a conceptual or formal mastery? Cannot he or she work toward a triumph of sensibility?"

Past Exhibit

Joe Ely

“When I first left home, I always carried a notebook, sketchbook, pen and later, watercolors in my guitar case – always kinda making notes, where I was, who I ran into, different stories I ran into up and down the road."

Past Exhibit

Marie Ely

“A lot of my work is from Marfa. I moved there when I stopped going to art school. I mean it’s so beautiful out there. I was very inspired by the landscape … the desert and the light.”

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