Welcome to The DEN

Located at the NW corner of the W Downtown

DEN is a co-working space that inspires creativity by integrating real estate concierge services and art.

Prophets of Synesthesia

Works by Golden Dawn Arkestra

Arkestra is a multi-media art installation exhibiting visual works such as hanging sculpture, sound activation, viewing stations, photography, textile artifacts and objects.


Photographs by Hunter Barnes

The subject matter spans over a decade of calculated wandering that took place from 2000 – 2010 during which Barnes traveled the country and immersed himself into different niche and often dangerous...


Works by Jennifer Lane

The prints in this series are made from small automatic paintings that draw from prehistoric art including Eastern and Near Eastern figurines as well as iconography.

Tomorrow’s flames are already burning

Works by Tom Jean Webb

Webb’s work is powerful in its simplistic expression. The gentle aesthetic symbols mixed in various mediums and color palettes combine to create an ephemeral and strong visual statement unique to th...

MY PARTY: Michael Lindsay-Hogg

Falling in Love (24" x 24", oil on board)

My Party is an upcoming exhibition of paintings and drawings by the Los Angeles based acclaimed director, writer, and artist Michael Lindsay-Hogg,

Feminine Landscapes: Dagny Piasecki

Flat Top by Dagny Piasecki

In her photographs, her living subjects move with strength and fluidity. They command attention, unleash their raw force and envelope their environment.

Feminine Landscapes: Wynn Myers

Madrono Ranch by Wynn Myers

Wynn's portraits of women emote a sense of intimacy and thoughtfulness aiming to capture the essence of the person not just their physical form.

Sam Schonzeit: Five Years in Marfa

Untitled (Spray Foam) 2013

The works in this show are indicative or emblematic of a sort of schizophrenic practice that Sam Schonzeit has developed and indulged in during his five years in Marfa, Texas.

Found: Photographs of The Rolling Stones

Mick (1965)

Recently found in an unmarked box at a Los Angeles flea market, these historically invaluable prints provide a glimpse into a frenetic and nomadic era..the beginning of rock and roll culture.

Lostbound Memory: Joe Ely

Songwriter (1977-1982) by Joe Ely

LOSTBOUND MEMORY explores the narrative of two generations of gypsies and their parallel yet distinct interpretations of a world based on the nomadic principles of rock and roll culture.

Lostbound Memory: Marie Ely

Trailer by Marie Ely

Marie's work encapsulates deep earthy moods accented by light and spectrums of color culminating to evoke a pure sensual aesthetic.



May 18th through June 2nd
For private viewings contact Miguel@DENPG.COM

Artist Talk | June 25th | 6 PM - 7 PM
With closing reception from 7 PM - 9 PM


Brandon Mike is a multidisciplinary artist and designer based in Austin, Texas. His work primarily focuses on clean aesthetics: crisp shape and form, unified or precisely harmonious texture, commercially influenced display and presentation power, and the highest degree of polish. With a specialization in concrete sculpture, lighting , furniture, and one of a kind home goods, Brandon seeks to create work with a minimalist aesthetic that captures the essence of the natural world, influencing a deeper connection with the environment and the beings we share it with.


Throughout time there have been references to the Great Cycles of the Ages and the soul’s evolution through the kingdoms of nature. Out of the Darkness is in reference to the cyclical flow of existence; the course of our planetary system through the cosmos; and sacred geometrical tempos which facilitate the ascending and descending levels of our consciousness and the state of our being.

These great cycles form the foundation of religion across the planet. The Mayans described these epochs through astrology and the Astrological Ages; Hindus call them Yugas; and the Greeks, the Five Ages of Man, most notably recognized as the Golden through the Iron Ages.

It is believed that we are on the precipice of the dawn of a new Age: the Age of Aquarius, the transition from the Iron into the Bronze Age. This is the Age of higher consciousness, where the “Self” gives way to the “All” and the “Ego” acknowledges its connectedness to the divine existence of everything. That all is indeed One.  

I believe that this Bronze Age is an inevitability, that the goodness of “Man” will rise out of the darkness of lower consciousness thought and acknowledge the light within. To realize that one truly is great, and has great empathy for all living things and that the truth will always come to light. It is my hope to inspire that light through my work, to share what inspires me, and, through art, facilitate a greater connectedness to the natural world.

With Love,
Brandon Mike